Value Proposition

Why Converge Distribution

Converge Distribution Limited was founded in 2015 focused on supporting vendors and re-sellers supplying managed services models in and around the IoT.

We are very quickly becoming the key to providing payments solutions for the acquisition of ICT, Hardware / Software and Services, allowing vendors and re-sellers to focus on there business’s providing them both with an option to buy/sell in a CAPEX or OPEX model providing them the ability to offer traditional payment terms or alternatively a monthly charged “Managed Services.”

We are very different in our approach as we own our own localized infrastructure and we also own our own Finance Company called Converge Capital Limited.

Converge Capital provides a customized, all-inclusive financial package for services, infrastructure solutions and business transformation projects. We can provide the payment solutions for small to medium sized clients right through to Enterprise and Government clients.

Our 3 managed service business pillars

  • Security
  • PBX Collaboration
  • Renting vs Owning (Turning Capital expenditure to OPEX monthly payments)

Converge Distribution works with Reseller Partners across ANZ to boost their business opportunities in Security, PBX Collaboration & ICT Financing. We help our Partners achieve new revenues from the ever changing technology landscape, servicing ANZ & the Pacific Islands we have the Pacific regions covered

  • Collaboration across our Sales Channels adds significant value
  • We develop Sales Channels for our Channel Partners, bringing Reseller and Vendor together
  • We have our own diverse & replicated Cloud Platform
  • We provide local credit and of course we deliver lots of product
  • We wholesale ISP services
  • We also own our own Finance Company – see our Converge Capital tab – So we can turning Capital expenses into OPEX expenses


We work to creating thousands of leads worth millions in pipeline revenue, we then pass these back to our Channel Partners.