Payment Solutions

Converge Capital provides payments solutions for the acquisition of IT Hardware and Software focusing on allowing vendors and re-sellers to offer “Managed Services.”

Converge Capital provides a customized, all-inclusive financial package for services, infrastructure solutions and business transformation projects. We can provide the payment solutions for small to medium sized clients right through to Enterprise and Government clients.

Hardware and Software

  • 100% equipment financing and software financing for licensing and subscriptions.
  • Contract income delivered today (less interest component) and we arrange collection from your client.

Cloud and Hosted Services

  • Converge Capital will deliver the contract revenue to our partners at the commencement of the agreement (less interest charges) and we will arrange the monthly collection from your client.

Soft Costs

  • Converge Capital will fund service-based projects including multi-year maintenance agreements.
  • Converge Capital will fund our partners service offerings including Professional fees such as installation and migration costs etc.,

Vendor and Reseller Partner Programme

  • Converge Capital with their Partners to deliver the requisite Payment Solution modules to enhance their own product offerings and increase sales.
  • Converge Capital will deliver the contract revenue to our partners at the commencement of the Project (less interest charges)

Bundled Service Agreements

Converge Capital offers a bespoke Master Asset and Receivables facility under which Converge Capital purchases the assets and/or receivables arising from the customer contract that they have entered into.

These arrangements can be applicable to “bundled contracts” in which there is delivery of both equipment and service across the contract term (i.e. there is some level of ongoing Service Provider performance risk).

Managed Service Agreements

Our Partners and Converge Capital recognise that to be an effective solution provider, an innovative solution must first and foremost meet or lead the customer demands – this provides the basis for it to become a “business enabler.”

Converge Capital expects that the key commercial needs and demands of our Partner’s Customers may be summarized as follows:

  1. IT solution must be delivered without the need for upfront capital expenditure:
  • Service delivery requiring the use of capital equipment can be provided as an operating expense.
  1. The capital equipment used for the Services should not be recorded on the Customer balance sheet nor recorded as an off balance sheet operating lease. This is applicable to current accounting standards.
  2. Simple commercial solution:
  • bundle all solution elements into one service;
  • ability to deal with a single supplier and service delivery interface; and
  • single monthly invoice.
  1. In-built flexibility and certainty in service delivery terms and pricing framework:
  • Ability to augment/reduce installed capacity as demand needs change;
  • Ability to replace and upgrade hardware / software (new features or compliance);
  • Ability to tailor payments.
  1. Flexibility to allow for technology changeover and thereby reduces technology risk (or obsolescence).


Leasing Products 

Converge Capital offer a range of ‘Out of Box’ finance and leasing options tailored to suit our Partners needs.

These include;

  1. Finance Lease.
  2. Rental/Operating Lease.