Converge Capital

Rental / Leasing Options

Renting allows our resellers to sell larger IT solutions to there end users


Converge Capital arranges 100% financing of all of the equipment, software and services with a 0% initial payment

Keeping Up To Date

Keep up to date by acquiring the latest technology

Accelerated ROI

Rather than paying one lump sum for equipment, Converge Capital allows end users to make smaller payments while the equipment generates business revenues

Benefit from bundling

Bundling the equipment, installation, maintainance and more into a single, easy to manage solution

Save cash

Save your limited cash reserves for other area’s of your business, such as expansion, improvements, marketing and R&D

Outsource asset management

Converge Capital will manage the equipment from delivery to disposal

Customize your terms

Set customized payments to match cash flows and even seasonal business income fluctuations

Hedge against inflation

Lock in rates on the day when you sign your rental to avoid inflation into the future, at the end of term you have the flexibility to either continue renting or simply return the equipment and upgrade to newer technology

We reward loyalty – discount provided on all future upgrades