Visual Attendants

Use Your Website to Engage More Customers and Save Money Doing It

Consumers under the age of 34, when given multiple options to reach a contact center, choose the telephone only 12% of the time; their least favorite option.  They are not alone and it’s no surprise given the traditional call center experience, an endless set of menus and options that seem to end in music-on-hold.

There is a better way, the Kandy Visual Attendant is menu-based, click–to-connect service that integrates into your website – without toll-free number fees.  Visual Attendant’s context sensitive menus allow end users point ‘n click options to select the right group or department directly from your website – without the rambling menu prompts. Since more than 2/3rds of all contact center calls are already preceded by a website visit why take a chance that your prospect never calls?  It’s time to use Kandy Visual Attendant to sweeten your customer’s experience.

Simple to Implement and Maintain – Hassle Free

Kandy Visual Attendant is ready to use.  In less than an hour you can develop your own menus, test call flows and get the embed code required for your website.  If your team has the skills to embed a video on your website then they can easily add a click to connect menu.  No complex professional services engagement or cost prohibitive maintenance fees.  Visual Attendant uses the latest WebRTC technology to connect users but is also ready to connect legacy browsers and mobile users that aren’t WebRTC ready – eliminating technology hiccups.

Connecting via WebRTC avoids tool-free termination charges and makes it possible to track prospect’s behavior and ad spend with common marketing automation tools.

Kandy Visual Attendant Advantages

  • Create/manage Kandy Visual Attendant yourself – easy and cost effective
  • Embed code is automatically generated – just cut and paste into your website
  • Works on desktop and mobile endpoints
  • Adds voice calling to the modern web experience for a point n’click world