Secure – Two Factor

Your Users Are Demanding Stronger Security

Did you know that the average user visits 25 password protected sites, but uses only 6 passwords? In fact, 73% of people use the same password across multiple websites, and 33% use it in every site. Certainly these habits are worrisome considering the large number of security breaches occurring worldwide, even among marquee brands.

Two factor authentication (2FA) is a compelling way to add an extra level of security, requiring a user to have a physical element (such as a phone), in addition to their username and password. This additional step prevents unauthorized access.

Unfortunately, the cost and complexity of implementing two factor authentication has limited its deployment by website owners, mobile applications providers and merchants. In addition, some end users have resisted this protection as most solutions rely exclusively on SMS/text messaging – depending on the user’s mobile plan, these validation messages can create significant additional charges.

Kandy Secure – Two Factor Authentication eliminates the barriers to adoption, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective cloud-based solution that is easily integrated into web sites and mobile applications (iOS and Android).

Why Choose Kandy Secure

  • Dramatically increases the security of your web or mobile application
  • Easy SDK for Web, iOS and Android
  • No need to buy expensive security infrastructure
  • No need to hire expensive security consultants
  • Support for innovative Flash Call that eliminates phone/text charges for application provider and end users – guaranteed delivery by our network partners assures significant savings
  • Supports SMS and IVR validation (charged only per successful call/message)
  • Supports additional security measures such as IMEI, IMSI, UDID and location.
  • Flexible deployment options – complete package options include code delivery and verification or choose your own carrier for code delivery.