Turn Visits into Sales and Make Customers Return with a VIP Level Customer Engagement

Today’s consumers under the age of 34 are using their smartphones in stores to compare prices, read product reviews, check social media references and ultimately decide if they buy the product there or online. 72% of millennials recognize that they research and shop their options online before going to a store or the mall and when they need help, the choose to use the telephone only 12% of the time and give priority to live interaction online. Retailers need to have a multichannel and multimedia strategy to attract them to their products but businesses already know that just placing their product inventory on a web store is not good enough to compete with the leading online retailers of today. Millennials are increasingly looking for exclusive “just-for-me” products and user experiences, because they are used to getting them.

With Kandy Concierge your business can offer exclusive VIP shopping experiences from your e-commerce site and a VIP customer service from your own web.

A VIP E-Commerce Experience that Guides Visitors to the Checkout

Kandy Concierge puts the human factor back into the impersonal web store. Concierge allows your customers to interact with a real person from within a product page and at their own pace. When shoppers have reviewed the products in which they are interested, but are still unsure if it is the right product for them, Concierge gives them –with a single button– the chance to have a voice and video conversation with a shopping assistant that can answer questions, provide additional details or recommend other products by pushing content such as web pages or videos that appear on the shopper’s display, and even guide the visitor straight to the checkout.

A VIP Customer Service that Reduces Support Costs

Every time one of your customers has a problem there is an associated cost that can range from the cost of assisting that customer from one of your call centers to the cost of loosing their business. And the cost of customer support is not trivial, over the last decades, businesses have implemented multiple strategies to reduce it, first by moving from the live person to the call center, later by replacing the triage personnel by IVR that tries to appear human but ultimately frustrates the customer. It’s not surprising that many support calls end with the customer yelling at the phone “I want to talk to a person”

Kandy Concierge brings the human element back to customer support by providing a voice and video interaction with your agents. Concierge let’s you engage customers online with one-way or two-way video so that your customers –in addition to being reassured by a friendly face– can send a video feed from their smartphone camera that helps your agents identify problems with wiring, evaluate vehicle damages, confirm missing items on a shipment, and more. Concierge allows your agents to push content such as tutorials or instructional videos, solving the issues faster and eliminating the need to send a technician on-site. And when the customer is happy with the solution, your agent also has the opportunity to upsell other products and services. Concierge can help you improve your bottom line and your customer’s satisfaction.

Kandy Concierge VIP Shopping Advantages

  • Guides customers through the checkout process
  • Helps reduce cart abandonment and increase average order amount
  • Creates the opportunity to upsell
  • Human interaction increases customer loyalty and the ability to close on customers who are just looking around

Kandy Concierge VIP Customer Service Advantages

  • Let’s you engage customers online instead of on the phone/IVR
  • Allows customers to show, not just tell
  • Provides integrated instructional and support content
  • Reduces trouble resolution times
  • Reduces the need for a truck roll to send a technician on-site
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Creates the opportunity to upsell